Mission Critical

D Square Energy has the solution for your mission critical facility.

We offer a broad spectrum of products to fulfill your critical power needs.

Whether it is paralleled single engine generators or our Gemini Twin Genset, we have the redundancy, reliability and scalability that you need.

The Gemini combines two generators side by side running in parallel

These generators are contained in the same enclosure. This allows each generator to back up the other, providing partial coverage during maintenance.

This eliminates the “all or nothing” aspect of a single engine unit and gives you your N+1 redundancy with one unit.

Because the Gemini is engineered with on road readily available engines, MPS units generally have a much shorter lead time than gensets manufactured with specialized engines.

Another benefit you get from the Gemini is even though it has two engines and provides the same amount of power; the footprint is 20% smaller than many single engine units.

You have the capability of combining Gemini’s without additional switchgear for a total output of 7,000 kW on one system.

You can’t beat the redundancy and reliability that Generac products have to offer.

MPS Application MPS 600kW Bi-fuel Image